This year, River City Consulting is hosting our second “Battle of the Ads” competition, aimed at educating the next generation of creative geniuses for the advertising world.  Partnering with Godwin and Glen Allen High Schools, we are providing high school students interested in marketing and advertising a real-world experience to better prepare them for college or a career in advertising.
At River City Consulting we are passionate about giving back to our community. We help hundreds of RVA businesses achieve success by providing professional agency advertising, but we also take time to teach young people how  it is done.
Students participating in our competition will finish with a valuable portfolio of their work and a better understanding of the real advertising world. They will also learn about their community in the process. The Grand Prize Winner will have their commercial air on CBS 6, kicking off River City Consulting’s 2020 Branding TV Campaign.
Students form into small “agencies” of three to five students and take on roles of project manager, media planner, copywriter, creative director, graphic designer, and social media manager.  They then have several weeks to create a campaign for River City Consulting.  Their campaign consist of a print ad, a social media ad, and a 30 second TV commercial.  The students are given free creative control to make the best ad possible aimed at reaching the target audience.
In early November, each group will present their campaign to a panel of local advertising professionals, and three finalist groups from each school will be chosen.  The finalist campaigns will be posted on River City’s social media, and the group with the most combined likes wins the grand prize.
We couldn’t be more excited to see what these students will create!  Stay updated on the competition by following River City Consulting on Facebook and Instagram.

If your school is interested in participating in Battle of the Ads 2020, click here to learn more.