In our line of work, we often get asked “How much does a website cost?” This question sucks because the answer is hardly ever straightforward. That would be like walking in to a Best Buy and asking a blue shirt how much a TV costs. Well, what kind of TV are you looking for? What features do you want? Will you be using it for video games? How big of a TV are you looking for? What kind of budget are you working with? Just like with most anything else, there are many different “models” of websites as well where many factors need to be taken into consideration before quoting.

We understand that sometimes you just need a general idea or ballpark estimate. So typically, after spending a little time and learning more about what the clients’ needs and wants for their website are, we will give them a very rough idea or ballpark estimate.

On many occassions, a potential client has turned around and said “But I can get a website done for $600 over at XYZ, Inc.” Sure you can, but let us explain why this doesn’t work if you’re serious about your business.

Most people want to sell something with their website – whether it be a product, a service or an idea. If you go with a cheap website, it will only serve the utmost basic function that a website needs to fulfill: it will give viewers a place to look up information online. It will be lacking aesthetically, it will not be Search Engine Optimized, it may not be mobile responsive for smart phones and tablets and it will most likely not reflect your brand’s message.

You want visitors, clients and customers to want to return to your site and spend more money – so the thing to do is spend a little more on a professional, quality website built by a professional or professional agency. The return you will see from a well designed website outweighs the little bit you would have saved tenfold!

The better designed your website is, the better the chance an online visitor will not only return, but he or she will recommend you to others. In short, the better your company is presented, the more credible you look and the more money a client is willing to spend!

So, for anyone looking to build a website on the cheap, first consider the purpose of your website. Think about the impression it will leave visitors. Think about whether or not they will want to return to your website.

NMSW! (No More Shitty Websites)