We help our clients get their sites ranking higher on Google's search results listings with our Local SEO solutions


We help our clients get their sites ranking higher on Google's search results listings with our Local SEO solutions

Local SEO for Your Business

Are people having trouble finding you online? Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services allow local businesses to be discovered much easier by potential customers!

Capture more potential customers online searching for products or services relevant to what your company provides.

Rank higher for the relevant keywords to your business or product in order to keep your company competitive in your local market.

Drive more traffic to your website using Google My Business and realize the increase in number of clicks and customers.

Our SEO Approach

Our Process to Local SEO follows this general outline:

1 – We perform an Audit of the SEO on your site, dive deep into Keyword Research and determine whats working and what is not to determine what needs work.

2 – Next, a Priority list is made to determine what is most important and begin working our way from the top down.

3 – Then, we Optimize and adjust your site and content so that there is continuous improvement and increased ranking.

4 – Now that there is a strong SEO foundation established, we will continue optimizing and adjusting to further increase your online traffic.

Our 12 Stages of Local SEO

Local SEO when performed correctly is a process which involves a series of tasks that need to be properly completed in order to ensure you have the best chance of reaching potential customers when they search for you online. We’ve broken the foundation for our Local SEO down to 12 Stages. We also have a game plan for the ongoing efforts needed to improve your rankings in the long-run and bring in more customers to your site.

  1. Our first 12 Stages are the building blocks for your Local SEO Foundation.
  2. Then we move to our Ongoing Optimization Stage. This is where we continue to optimize your site to get your rankings up even higher, driving even more traffic.

The number of Stages needed each month largely depends on:

  1. Number of pages on your website
  2. How many competitors you have
  3. The number of locations you have


Scroll over the Stages below for a description of each.

At this point in the process, we have started to build the foundation for the 4 main areas of Local SEO – Website Optimization, Page Optimization, Google My Business and Citations. The next four blocks focus on getting more keywords on page one.

Now, we’ve gone deeper into each of the four main areas of SEO and are ready to start looking at strategies to expand the number of keywords for your website. We now continue to expand while making sure Google is indexing your website properly.

At this point you will have a very strong foundation for Local SEO. The Top 12 pages of your website will be optimized, the data aggregators and top 16 citations set up, your site optimized and your Google My Business account as well.

Ongoing Optimizations

Next, we’ll begin the ongoing optimization processes that will continue to build upon past success to further increase your page rankings for your most important keywords. We’ll increase Google My Business impressions and actions, increase traffic to the site and bring you more customers by performing the following tasks.


Site Optimization:

  • Assess page speed.
  • Check for new broken links.
  • Correct new mobile issues.
  • Check for new duplicate content.
  • Update competitive analysis as competitors re-optimize their websites.
  • Look for back-linking opportunities.
  • Check for new spam links and add them to the disavow file.

Page Optimization:

  • Update keyword strategy as needed.
  • Until all pages are optimized, optimize 2 pages.
  • Once all pages have been optimized for the first time re-optimize 3 or 4 pages as needed:
    • Focus on pages that are ranking on page 2, or bottom of page 1 of Google.
    • Edit page meta to improve click through rates and page position.
    • Add internal contextual back-links as needed.
    • Edit content for readability scores and keyword density.

Google My Business Check (per location):

  • Perform a Google My Business Check.
    • Add an image or two.
    • Check for new Categories.
    • With permission, respond to unanswered reviews with keyword rich response.
    • Review GMB Insights reports.

Citations (per location):

  • Set up the next three highest authority citations.
  • Look for citations with errors and correct if possible.