There is a Method to Our Brand Madness

Our Process


Who are you speaking to?

We start with in-depth research and analysis of your business, market and competitors. With our findings, we establish your Unique Selling Point(s) – USPs. Next, we work to create the most effective way to reach and speak to your target market. We offer focus group screening as well as market surveys to gain feedback from your target market and shine light on what your customers would like to see – and expect – from your brand.


What do you want to accomplish?

We help you establish goals for bringing in business, strengthening processes, maintaining brand integrity and other limits you want to overcome, then recommend plans to get there. Every company strives to be successful, but many struggle with how to get there. With us, your goals become our goals. We evaluate your target market’s wants and needs, then position a message across all mediums consistently, to achieve those goals.

What makes you different?

We establish your Unique Selling Points, then teach you how to use them to position yourself ahead of your competition. After researching your target market and evaluating your goals, we create a custom creative brief around your brand, defining a clear path to best position your USP and strengthen your brand awareness.




It’s time to brainstorm the BIG IDEA for your brand

Your brand’s Big Idea is a short and sweet description of what your brand says to the world. Our goal is to be bold and showcase the Big Idea behind your branding.


We make your brand stand out

We establish color palettes that best speak to your target market and use them in tandem with your strong, new brand identity. Your brand will stand out, speak to your target audience and be something you can be proud to show off.

We apply your brand architecture across all mediums

Once your new brand messaging, color scheme and logo are established, we make sure it is used consistently across all mentions of your brand online, in print and on signage. This consistency along with your new brand identity will portray professionalism, while generating credibility, loyalty and trust.



On-going brand management and marketing support

After launching your campaign with various mediums based on your media plan, we then monitor and maintain the frequency of your ads. Based on the response the campaign receives we adjust the frequency and duration of the ads based on the response. We also continuously update your social media and homepage sliders. We understand each client is different and needs different deliverables. Our on-going support is tailored to you, ensuring best efforts receive top priority.

We keep your brand consistent & up-to-date

Your brand identity requires consistency at all times. Minute details can drastically effect your brand image in a negative way – incorrect files provided to vendors, vendors not following your brand guidelines and much worse. Inconsistency provokes distrust with your clients. We understand the importance of consistency and can handle all of your needs even after your campaigns have run.

We measure your company’s growth & success

After your campaign has completely run we go back and compare your previous years numbers. We then consult you on what would work best with your brand going forward. After refining our new vision we look at how we can expand your business larger with a new campaign.