Glen Allen HS and Godwin HS Marketing classes now have presented their final advertising campaigns in front of the competition judges. In total, 14 teams presented. Judging the presentations were varied marketing professionals including Jessica McAllister from the Advertising Department at CBS6 and Promotions expert LaNette McKinney from K2 Awards & Apparel. Judges from River City Consulting, the competition sponsors, were CEO Justin Ellett, VP Creative Director Chris Philips, and Social Media Strategist McAyla Beatley.

The student teams named their prospective agencies:  AD-venture Marketing Agency, Glen Allen Consulting, Jag’s Marketing Agency, Out of the Box Marketing, The Original Agency, Rapid Marketing Agency, The Business Preachers, Consulting Capital, Groundbreakerz, KAMP Agency, Marketing Gurus, Espy Agency, Enterprise Advertising, and Express Marketing. We give kudos for the creativity and thought behind selecting names that represented their “business.” It was rewarding to see all the teams considered the importance of the very first step in the process.

Knowing that even seasoned advertising professionals can sometimes get the “jitters” before making formal presentations, the participating judges were impressed with the confidence and passion that the students displayed while delivering their campaigns.

Commendable also was the research that many of the teams actually did before coming up with their final advertising strategies. It appeared most groups went above and beyond what was required for the competition and were truly vested in the assignment. 

Six finalist groups will be announced on December 3rd.  Stay tuned to see the finalist’s original TV commercials on River City’s social media and to vote for your favorite!  The team with the highest combined likes between Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube will be the grand prize winner.

If your school is interested in participating in Battle of the Ads 2020, click here to learn more.