We design & manage your brand, provide
strategic consulting, buy & place media…
We ARE your marketing department.


River City Consulting

Full-Service Branding, Advertising and Marketing Agency in Richmond Virginia.

We perfect your image which helps grow your business.

Target Market Research

People may not believe this, but there is a science behind branding. Your branding should be based on actual psychological research of your target market. You must get to know your target market and what makes them tick in order to maximize your success. This is where we start.


Rebuilding Your Brand From The Inside Out

We interview your employees and management. What we intend to find is what they love about their role at your company. To see why they’ve stayed with the company for as long as they have. As a result, we will also find out if they are unhappy with their jobs. This information can then be used to discover ways to keep your valuable employees from leaving. Issues can now be addressed that you may not have been aware of. That’s how we begin to re-build your brand, stronger from the inside out. 

Mobile Refresh

Our clients’ websites stay updated and current. If your website hasn’t been updated in over 3 years or if your site is not mobile responsive, we can help! We are a proud team of award-winning designers, website developers and SEO specialists. Let us turn your site into a clean, polished, professional website that performs as a lead-generating tool for your business.

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