Let’s start with a simple fact: your business needs social media.  

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or how big or small your company is… if you don’t have a social media presence, you’re a step behind your competition.  In our ever-increasing digital world, it is imperative to be in the game.

Numbers Matter

Studies estimate that 63% of customers expect companies to offer customer service via social media channels, and 90% of social media users use this platform as a way to communicate with a brand or business.  It is also estimated that 71% of consumers who have a good social media experience with a business are likely to recommend it to others. These numbers alone are convincing.  



There are lots of reasons social media is essential, but one of the most important is brand awareness.  Being active online affords the opportunity to introduce your company to a massive audience that otherwise may not know about it.  Additionally, it is the perfect platform to communicate your company’s values and culture, which is important to customers.  Social media can even provide “free advertising” from customers in the form of testimonials.  Online testimonials can be as simple as an Instagram tag or as much as a Facebook review.  Either one provides your business with more visibility.


People like to feel they “know” a business. They want to experience a company’s personality and see the people behind the profile.  Talk to your audience.  You have the opportunity to give quick and easy support to customers vis your social media channels.  Questions, comments, and concerns can receive timely responses.  This makes customers and clients feel appreciated and noticed.  It is approximated that 70% of buying experiences are based on how a customer feels they are treated; make sure customers feel loved, even the unhappy ones


We all keep our smart phones close.  Chances are yours is in arm’s reach, in your pocket, or in your hand.  The average person checks their phone once every 12 minutes or 80 times a day… crazy but true.  Social media gives you a way to inform your customers of whatever you want them to know. Just remember to keep it relevant and not waste their time. For a restaurant, as an example, this might include happy hour specials, new menu items, wait times, new beer on tap, or just how good a top-selling entrée looks.  Whatever it might be, informative posts attract business and remind patrons that you exist!


With all of this being said, business owners should not expect to grow a professional presence by simply throwing pictures on Instagram.  First, your company needs to be displayed on platforms strategic to the target audience.  For example, a bakery should be on Facebook and Instagram, while an accounting firm should be on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Secondly, your profile must be streamline, on brand, and easy to comprehend.  This means using quality images, on-brand colors and content, and captions written in the right “voice.” Lastly, knowing how much to post is a major key.  Posting too much overwhelms and annoys followers while posting too little makes them lose interest. Both can result in losing followers.

Considering the benefits, it seems outrageous that a company wouldn’t take advantage of social media. But there two understandable reasons: lack of time and lack of knowledge. While social media might seem like a no-brainer, it takes knowledge to be literate on the subject. Using correct hashtags, wording, imagery, and timing can become too time consuming and overwhelming for business owners.

River City Consulting now offers customized plans to save our clients the hassle of managing social media.  Plans include a strategic planning, content creation, professional design, stock photography, clear messaging, relevant headlines, calls to action, appropriate tagging, and hashtag themes.  Reach out to us for information about how we can make your business more visible. 


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